Lynnea Schwieters creates wheel thrown porcelain pottery and applies surface decoration including clay slip, altering, incising, sgraffito, pressing and carving techniques, resist and masking application. There is a strong floral influence in my work. 


In this surface decoration stage, I am working on a technique called glaze inlay where you use an X-Acto knife to cut around my applied design creating a line where glazes will pool and accentuate the depth of imaginary.


This past June 2018, Minnesota Women Ceramic Artists, was selected to display at MSP Terminal 2 a showcase of members work which shows a wide representation of all types of firing and working processes. It is a statement of MNWCA's professionalism, and is a statement of our member's professionalism and commitment to their art practice. This display will be on exhibit until June of 2019.

IMG_5079-MSP Airport MNWCA DisplayPitcher.jpg