Lynnea Schwieters

Artist Statement
  The graceful texture and fluency of porcelain provides the basis of my studio work. My forms are inspired by natural objects and traditional architecture. Damask textiles and floral designs of the 18th and 19th century strongly influence my imagery. When producing a vessel, I consider its characteristics and try to harmonize the form with my surface decorations. The embellished surfaces I create by incising, carving, pressing and clay slip application, allow glazes to pool in the textures--which accentuate the depth of my forms. These designs draw attention to the surface of my vessels flowing movement. My intention is to give the viewer a sense of warmth and comfort. All my designs are created on a software program and templates are cut on a die cutter. My glaze palette ranges from soft blues, greens and neutrals. This interrelationship enhances the applied decoration.

   I am a full time ceramic artist working out of my studio warehouse in Hugo, MN. Pottery was a big part of my life in high school and after graduation.  A few years later, I pursued my education in the legal field and started a family. From 2000-2005 I began independent study with porcelain ceramic artist Ernest Miller working on form, surface decoration and glazing. I continue my education in ceramics by attending NCECA, Potter's Council and MNWCA Minnesota Women Ceramic Artists workshops. From 2009 to March 2014 I held the Board Secretary position of MNWCA and currently hold the board position of Public Relations. Another important education experience was attending the Dr. William Carty, Alfred University Glaze Chemistry Calculation workshop at Northern Clay Center, Minneapolis, MN where I gained knowledge to formulate food safe glaze recipes.

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Pursuing unique clay forms and formulating original glaze recipes is my constant goal.
Rev. August 2016